east side gallery in berlin

East Side Gallery in Berlin

Who doesn’t love Berlin? The incredible multi-culti city with so much to offer. Each time I vist the German capital I barely have time to do sighseing. Therefore it took me 5 trips to finally see a cool site I always wanted to visit – the East Side Gallery in Berlin. It’s about 1,5 km of the Berlin Wall covered with various artworks. Some of it funny, some of it sad and most of it making you think – about the past, about mistakes that should never be repeated and about the future, which looks quite bright and colourful actually.

Somewhere on the way you’ll find the famous Checkpoint Charlie, where you can get a unique stamp in your passport. Strolling along world’s biggest outdoor gallery is THE idea for an unforgettable Berlin experience.

Visit the East Side Gallery in Berlin, you will love it!


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